The Beauty of Bias Tape Part 4: Summer Flip Flops

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Bias tape flip flops on a clothesline

Here’s an idea for the next time you blow out your flip flop in Margaritaville. Don’t throw it away. Instead, use your colorful bias tape to fix it!

Three pairs of flip flops stacked

A few weeks ago, I showed you how to make your own bias tape. You can find the tutorial here if you missed that episode.

Image of homemade bias tape

Gather up your cheap or broken flip flops and let’s get started!

Plain flip flops

Cut off the flip part (for lack of a better word).

Dismembered flip flop

Choose some coordinating bias tape.

Dismembered flip flops and bias tape

Cut four 10″ pieces of bias tape and tie a knot in the end of each.

Knotted end of bias tape

Place a washer under the toe hole on the bottom of the flip flop.

Washer under the toe hole on the backside of flip flop

Thread one piece of bias tape through the hole.

Thread the first piece of bias tape through the toe hole and washer

Now, thread the next piece through the same hole. Pull tight and trim the ends of each knot.

Thread the second piece of bias tape through the toe hole and washer

Place one washer under each of the side holes and thread the bias tape in through the top.

Thread the bias tape through the side holes and washers

Try on your flip flop and pull the bias tape through so it fits perfectly. Tie a knot in each piece to hold it in place and trim the ends.

Closeup of knotted bias tape

Use some super glue on the end of each knot to keep hold it in place and to keep it from unraveling.

Dot super glue on each knot

Now you can search for your lost shaker of salt in style.

three pairs of flip flops fanned out with title

Check out these other ideas on how to use your handmade bias tape.

Freshen up an old towel with bias tape

Get the tutorial to freshen up old towels with bias tape here.

bias tape shorts title

Find out how to make your own pair of bias tape shorts (and shoelaces!) here.

Photo credits: Beth Huntington

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