Upcycled Pendleton Wool Clutch

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Bring some warmth and love to your friends and family this holiday season by making them an earth friendly, upcycled wool clutch. It’s a quick and easy DIY project that even a beginning sewist can master.

You’ll need a Pendleton wool blanket end or any type of wool fabric or sweater, some coordinating fabric for the lining, and a 9″ metal zipper.

Cut two wool pieces 7″ x 10″ and two lining pieces 7″ x 10″.

Place the zipper face down on the right, long side of the outer fabric. Place the lining fabric on top so the right sides are together. (The lining fabric in the photo is folded over just to show you that the right sides are together. Your lining fabric will lay flat on top of the zipper.) Pin the three layers together.

Use a zipper foot and sew through all three layers down one side of the zipper.

Fold the lining piece over to the other side.

Fold the lining piece under the outer piece so wrong sides are together now.

Repeat the process on the other side of the zipper. Place the zipper face down on the outer fabric. Then place the lining fabric on top of the zipper so the right sides are together. Pin in place, use a zipper foot and stitch down the other side of the zipper.

Flip pieces over so the outer fabric is on top and the lining fabric is on the bottom. Wrong sides of the fabric will be facing each other now. Use a hot iron to press the seams flat.

Now flip the pieces so the right sides of the lining are together and the right sides of the outer fabric are together. It is very important to make sure the zipper is open at this point. Pin around all the edges.

Sew a 1/2″ seam around all the outside edges, leaving a 5″ opening in the lining fabric. Slow the machine down when sewing over each end of the zipper. Be sure to back stitch at each end of your stitching so the seam will stay put when you pull the clutch through the opening. You will pull the entire clutch through the opening to turn it right side out.

Before you pull the clutch through the lining opening, clip each corner.

Pull the clutch through the opening in the lining to turn it right side out. Press all the edges with a hot iron.

Press, pin and top stitch the opening in the lining to close it. Tuck the lining back into the clutch and push out all of the corners with your finger or a chopstick.

If you’d like to add a fringe zipper pull, start with a 3″x4″ piece of leather. Start at the bottom of the long edge and use scissors to cut 1/4″ strips. Stop cutting each strip 1″ from the top.

Place a line of leather contact adhesive down the wrong side of the leather without the fringe.

Thread a thin scrap of leather through the zipper pull and fold over in half.

Place both sides of the folded thin scrap that you threaded through the zipper pull on the edge of the fringe piece with the adhesive. Roll the fringe piece around the scrap. Secure the edge with more adhesive if needed.

Now get ready for some hugs when your loved ones receive this beautiful, warm, and upcycled Pendleton wool clutch from you this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from The Renegade Seamstress!

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